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BuildParameters Class

This class represents all of the settings which must be specified to start a build.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Build.Execution
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build (in Microsoft.Build.dll)

public class BuildParameters

The BuildParameters type exposes the following members.

Public methodBuildParameters()Creates build parameters.
Public methodBuildParameters(ProjectCollection)Creates build parameters and initializes them from a project collection.

Public propertyBuildThreadPriorityGets or sets the desired thread priority for building.
Public propertyCultureGets or sets the name of the culture to use during the build.
Public propertyDefaultToolsVersionGets or sets the default tools version for the build.
Public propertyDetailedSummaryGets or sets a switch that specifies whether the build should emit a detailed summary at the end of the log.
Public propertyEnableNodeReuseGets or sets a flag determining whether out-of-process nodes should persist after the build and wait for further builds.
Public propertyEnvironmentPropertiesGets an immutable collection of environment properties.
Public propertyForwardingLoggersGets or sets the collection of forwarding logger descriptions.
Public propertyGlobalPropertiesGets or sets an immutable collection of global properties.
Public propertyHostServicesGets or sets a service that allows the host to provide additional control over the build process.
Public propertyLegacyThreadingSemanticsGets or sets a switch that enables or disables legacy threading semantics.
Public propertyLoggersGets or sets the collection of loggers to use during the build.
Public propertyMaxNodeCountGets or sets the maximum number of nodes this build may use.
Public propertyMemoryUseLimitGets or sets the amount of memory the build should limit itself to using, in megabytes.
Public propertyNodeExeLocationGets or sets the location of the build node executable.
Public propertyOnlyLogCriticalEventsGets or sets a flag that determines if non-critical logging events should be discarded.
Public propertyResetCachesGets or sets a switch that specifies whether the build should reset the configuration and results caches.
Public propertySaveOperatingEnvironmentGets or sets a switch specifying if the operating environment, such as the current directory and environment, should be saved and restored between project builds and task invocations.
Public propertyToolsetDefinitionLocationsGets or sets locations to search for toolsets.
Public propertyToolsetsGets all of the toolsets.
Public propertyUICultureGets or sets the name of the UI culture to use during the build.
Public propertyUseSynchronousLoggingGets or sets a switch that specifies whether synchronous logging is used when there is only a single process.

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.NET Framework

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