This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.Exceptions Namespace

Contains exception types that may be thrown during the build process.

Public classBuildAbortedExceptionAn exception representing the case where the build was aborted by request, as opposed to being unceremoniously shut down due to another kind of error exception.
Public classInternalLoggerExceptionThis exception is used to wrap an unhandled exception from a logger. This exception aborts the build, and it can only be thrown by the MSBuild engine.
Public classInvalidProjectFileExceptionThis exception is thrown whenever there is a problem with the user's XML project file. The problem might be semantic or syntactical. The latter would be of a type typically caught by XSD validation (if it was performed by the project writer).
Public classInvalidToolsetDefinitionExceptionException subclass that ToolsetReaders should throw.