This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.Evaluation Namespace

Contains types that the MSBuild object model uses to evaluate projects. Each project is associated with one or more project roots. For information, see MSBuild.

Public classProjectRepresents a project with design time semantics. This class can load project files, edit items and properties and build projects.
Public classProjectCollectionEncapsulates a set of related projects, their toolsets, a default set of global properties, and the loggers that should be used to build them. A global version of this class acts as the default project collection.
Public classProjectItemRepresents an evaluated design-time project item.
Public classProjectItemDefinitionRepresents an evaluated item definition for a particular item-type.
Public classProjectMetadataRepresents evaluated design-time metadata.
Public classProjectPropertyRepresents an evaluated design-time property.
Public classToolsetRepresent an aggregation of a tools version (eg. "2.0"), tools path, and optional set of associated properties.

Public structureResolvedImportEncapsulates an import relationship in an evaluated project between a ProjectImportElement and the ProjectRootElement of the imported project.

Public enumerationProjectLoadSettingsFlags for controlling the project load.
Public enumerationToolsetDefinitionLocationsFlags for controlling the toolset initialization.