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BuildItemGroup.AddNewItem Method

Adds a new BuildItem to the BuildItemGroup.

This member is overloaded. For complete information about this member, including syntax, usage, and examples, click a name in the overload list.

  Name Description
Public method AddNewItem(String, String) Adds a new BuildItem with the specified Name and Include property values to the BuildItemGroup.
Public method AddNewItem(String, String, Boolean) Adds a new BuildItem with the specified Name and Include property values to the BuildItemGroup, allowing you to specify whether the Include property value is treated as a literal.

The following example creates a Project object and uses the LoadXml method to add content to the project. The BuildItem, BuildItemGroup, and BuildItemGroupCollection classes are used to add, remove, and change items in the project.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

using Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine;

namespace AddNewItem
    class Program
        /// <summary> 
        /// This code demonstrates the use of the following methods: 
        ///     Engine constructor 
        ///     Project constructor 
        ///     Project.LoadFromXml 
        ///     Project.Xml 
        ///     BuildItemGroupCollection.GetEnumerator 
        ///     BuildItemGroup.GetEnumerator 
        ///     BuildItem.Name (get) 
        ///     BuildItem.Include (set) 
        ///     BuildItem.GetMetadata 
        ///     BuildItem.SetMetadata 
        ///     BuildItemGroup.RemoveItem 
        ///     BuildItemGroup.AddNewItem 
        /// </summary> 
        /// <param name="args"></param>
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Create a new Engine object.
            Engine engine = new Engine(Environment.CurrentDirectory);

            // Create a new Project object.
            Project project = new Project(engine);

            // Load the project with the following XML, which contains 
            // two ItemGroups.
                <Project xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003'>

                        <Compile Include='Program.cs'/>
                        <Compile Include='Class1.cs'/>
                        <RemoveThisItemPlease Include='readme.txt'/>

                        <EmbeddedResource Include='Strings.resx'>


            // Iterate through each ItemGroup in the Project.  There are two. 
            foreach (BuildItemGroup ig in project.ItemGroups)
                BuildItem itemToRemove = null;

                // Iterate through each Item in the ItemGroup. 
                foreach (BuildItem item in ig)
                    // If the item's name is "RemoveThisItemPlease", then
                    // store a reference to this item in a local variable, 
                    // so we can remove it later. 
                    if (item.Name == "RemoveThisItemPlease")
                        itemToRemove = item;

                    // If the item's name is "EmbeddedResource" and it has a metadata Culture
                    // set to "fr-fr", then ...
                    if ((item.Name == "EmbeddedResource") && (item.GetMetadata("Culture") == "fr-fr"))
                        // Change the item's Include path to "FrenchStrings.fr.resx", 
                        // and add a new metadata Visiable="false".
                        item.Include = @"FrenchStrings.fr.resx";
                        item.SetMetadata("Visible", "false");

                // Remove the item named "RemoveThisItemPlease" from the
                // ItemGroup 
                if (itemToRemove != null)

                // For each ItemGroup that we found, add to the end of it 
                // a new item Content with Include="SplashScreen.bmp".
                ig.AddNewItem("Content", "SplashScreen.bmp");

            // The project now looks like this: 
            //     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
            //     <Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
            //       <ItemGroup> 
            //         <Compile Include="Program.cs" />
            //         <Compile Include="Class1.cs" />
            //         <Content Include="SplashScreen.bmp" />
            //       </ItemGroup> 
            //       <ItemGroup> 
            //         <EmbeddedResource Include="FrenchStrings.fr.resx">
            //           <LogicalName>Strings.resources</LogicalName> 
            //           <Culture>fr-fr</Culture> 
            //           <Visible>false</Visible> 
            //         </EmbeddedResource> 
            //         <Content Include="SplashScreen.bmp" />
            //       </ItemGroup> 
            //     </Project> 
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