This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine Namespace

This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

The Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine namespace represents the MSBuild engine. For information, see MSBuild.

The classes in this namespace are deprecated. Please use the classes in these namespaces instead:




Public classBuildItemRepresents a single item in an MSBuild project. 
Public classBuildItemGroupRepresents a collection of BuildItem objects.
Public classBuildItemGroupCollectionRepresents a collection of BuildItemGroup objects.
Public classBuildPropertyRepresents a single property in an MSBuild project.
Public classBuildPropertyGroupRepresents a collection of BuildProperty objects.
Public classBuildPropertyGroupCollectionRepresents a collection of BuildPropertyGroup objects.
Public classBuildTaskRepresents a Task element in a project.
Public classConfigurableForwardingLoggerRepresents the ConfigurableForwardingLogger, a pre-fabricated forwarding logger to be used when building projects on a multi-proc or multi-core system. For more information, see Writing Multi-Processor-Aware Loggers.
Public classConsoleLoggerImplements the standard console logger that outputs event data to the console window during a build.
Public classDistributedFileLoggerRepresents a text file that contains the build log for a build node.
Public classEngine Obsolete. Represents the MSBuild engine.
Public classFileLoggerExtends the ConsoleLogger to log messages to a file rather than the console window.
Public classImportRepresents a single Import element in an MSBuild project.
Public classImportCollectionRepresents a collection of all Import elements in a project.
Public classInternalLoggerExceptionThis exception is used to wrap an unhandled exception from a logger.
Public classInvalidProjectFileExceptionThis exception is thrown whenever there is a problem with the user's XML project file. The problem might be semantic or syntactical. If the problem is in the syntax, it can typically be caught by XSD validation.
Public classInvalidToolsetDefinitionExceptionThis exception is thrown whenever there is a problem with the user's custom toolset definition file. The problem might be semantic or syntactical. If the problem is in the syntax, it can typically be caught by XSD validation.
Public classLocalNodeThis class hosts a node class in the child build process. It uses shared memory to communicate with the local node provider.
Public classLoggerDescriptionContains information about a logger as a collection of values that can be used to instantiate the logger as well as being serialized to pass between different processes.
Public classProject Obsolete. Represents a project that can be built using MSBuild.
Public classRemoteErrorExceptionWraps exceptions that occur on a different node.
Public classSolutionWrapperProjectThis class is used to generate an MSBuild wrapper project for a solution file or standalone VC project.
Public classTargetRepresents a single Target element in an MSBuild project. 
Public classTargetCollectionRepresents a collection of all Target elements in a project.
Public classToolsetRepresents a Toolset in MSBuild. For more information about Toolsets, see Standard and Custom Toolset Configurations.
Public classToolsetCollectionRepresents one or more Toolset objects. A Toolset is a combination of a Toolset version (such as "2.0"), a tools path, and an optional set of associated properties.
Public classUsingTaskRepresents a single UsingTask element in an MSBuild project.
Public classUsingTaskCollectionRepresents a collection of all UsingTask elements in a project.
Public classUtilitiesContains utility methods used by MSBuild. This class cannot be inherited.

Public delegateColorResetterDefines the type of delegate used to reset the console color.
Public delegateColorSetterDefines the type of delegate used to set the console color.
Public delegateWriteHandlerRepresents the method that writes strings to a certain location, such as the console window or a window in an integrated development environment.

Public enumerationBuildSettingsSpecifies the settings for a build.
Public enumerationProjectLoadSettingsDefines how MSBuild loads a project.
Public enumerationPropertyPositionSpecifies constants that define the location in the project to insert a property.
Public enumerationToolsetDefinitionLocationsAn enumeration whose values control Toolset initialization.