Microsoft.BizTalk.Hws.WorkflowDesign Namespace

ActionInfoDescribes an action, and includes collections describing the sync messages sent and received by the action, the task messages outputted by the action, and the locations in the activation message from which it pulls its targets.
ActionSyncMsgIdentifies a single sync message, and appears in the send and receive sync message collections of the ActionInfo object.
ActionTaskDescribes individual tasks that can be sent out by an action.
ActivityModelRepresents a single activity model that is being designed, and contains the steps, transitions, and constraints that you add in the process of designing the activity model. One instance of this class is created for each activity model that is being worked on.
ActivityModelInfoDescribes a single ActivityModel that exists in the database to which the DesignManager is connected. This class is returned from the DesignManager.
ClauseRepresents an individual clause in a constraint; a constraint consists of zero or more clauses.
ClauseValueContains the value of the clause; it can be a static value or a relational value.
ConstraintRepresents a single constraint in the system.
ConstraintFactRepresents constraint facts that are used in clauses in order to compare values. This class is retrieved from the DesignManager by calling GetConstraintFacts.
DesignManagerManages activity models in the BizTalk Server environment and communicates with the Human Workflow Services (HWS) to discover, deploy and retrieve information about activity models.
RoleRepresents a role in the activity model system, and contains information about the role, such as the role ID, a description, and the role name. This class is returned by the GetRoles method.
StepRepresents a single step within an activity model.
StepDictionaryThis class inherits from the .NET Dictionary base object. It represents a type-specific dictionary used to index a collection of Step classes based on their Id property.
TransitionRepresents the transition between two steps: a parent step and a child step. This class is created by the AddTransition method.

UpdateCacheLevelSpecifies how broadly the web service should refresh its internal cache.
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