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Microsoft.BizTalk.Edi.MessageCore Namespace

The classes in this namespace are for internal use only.

  Class Description
Public class EdiError Represents the Edi error properties.
Public class EdifactTypes Represents the EDIFACT types.
Public class EdiSchemaToolSet Provides methods for schema validation.

  Interface Description
Public interface IMessageFilterSettings Provides methods for message type filtering.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BatchProcessingOption Specifies the values of the batch processing option.
Public enumeration DateFormat Specifies the values of date format.
Public enumeration DelimiterSuffix Specifies the types of delimiter suffixes.
Public enumeration EdiEnvelopeType Enumerates the possible values for EDI envelope types.
Public enumeration EdiErrorType Specifies the type of EDI error.
Public enumeration EdiMessageType Specifies an enumeration of EDI message types.
Public enumeration EdiMessageVersion Specifies the EDI message version.
Public enumeration EdiParseMode Enumerates the possible modes of EDI parsing.
Public enumeration EdiSegmentType Enumerates the types of EDI segment.
Public enumeration EfactMessageStructure Specifies the EDIFACT message structure.
Public enumeration OperationType Specifies the EDI operation types.
Public enumeration TimeFormat Specifies the time format used.

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