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Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.WebServices.Management Namespace

The Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.WebServices.Management namespace represents the management of the BAM web services.

  Class Description
Public class ActivityInstances Represents the instances for one BAM activity in the context of the enclosing view.
Public class ActivitySummary Contains the summary for one BAM activity in the context of the enclosing view.
Public class Aggregation Contains information for an aggregation defined on a (view, activity) tuple.
Public class Alert Defines a BAM Alert.
Public class Alerts Represents the alerts associated with the BizTalk activity monitoring management.
Public class AlertSummary Contains the summary information for one alert.
Public class AlertSummaryList Contains a list of summaries for one or more alerts.
Public class BamManagementService Implements BAM Management Web Service.
Public class Configuration Represents the configurations associated with the activity monitoring management.
Public class OlapAggregations Represents the online analytical processing (OLAP) aggregations.
Public class PivotView Describes a Pivot View defined on the enclosing aggregation.
Public class Reference Contains the information for one related artifact.
Public class ReferenceList Contains a list of references (related artifacts) for an activity instance.
Public class RelatedActivities Contains a list of directly related activities and the related instances from each activity.
Public class Transport Represents the transport used in the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) web services management.
Public class ViewSummary Contains the summary for one BAM view.
Public class ViewSummaryList Contains a list of BAM view summaries.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AggregationType Specifies the aggregation types.
Public enumeration AlertTransport Enumerates the kinds of alert transport.
Public enumeration AlertType Specifies the alert types.

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