JobEndEventArgs Members

Applies To: Windows 8.1

Defines the event arguments passed to a JobEnd event.

The following tables list the members exposed by the JobEndEventArgs type.

  Name Description
public property Error The value of the last error that occurred in processing the job. This is also the last error in the job error list.
public property ErrorList The value of the last error that occurred in processing the job.
public property ExecutedAssessmentCount The total number of assessments that were run.
public property FailedAssessmentCount The number of assessments that did not complete successfully.
public property Job The Job object that was queued to run. The Job object is owned by the AXE engine and should not be deleted.
public property ResultFileName The name of the results file containing aggregated results from all assessments that ran.
public property ResultFolder The folder that contains all of the results from the job that just ended.
public property ResultPath The path to the directory that contains the folders of all job results.

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