Microsoft.Aspnet.Snapin Namespace

Note: This namespace is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

The Microsoft.Aspnet.Snapin namespace defines the types necessary for the ASP.NET management console application to interact with Microsoft Management Console (MMC). For more information, see "MMC Programmer's Guide" in the MSDN Library.

Public classAspNetManagementUtilityProvides helper methods that are used by the ASP.NET snap-in for the Microsoft Management Utility (MMC). This class cannot be inherited.

Public interfaceIAspNetManagementUtilityProvides helper methods that are used by the ASP.NET snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
Public interfaceIContextMenuCallbackAdds menu items to a shortcut menu.
Public interfaceIDataObjectCreates a connection between a caller and a data object implementing the IDataObject interface. This connection enables notifications of changes to the caller in the data for the data object.
Public interfaceIEnumFORMATETCUsed to enumerate an array of FORMATETC structures.
Public interfaceIExtendContextMenuEnables a snap-in to add items to an existing shortcut menu.
Public interfaceIExtendPropertySheetEnables a snap-in component to add property pages to the property sheet of an item.
Public interfaceIExtendPropertySheet2Enables a snap-in component to add property pages to the property sheet of an item.
Public interfaceIPropertySheetCallbackAdds the property pages for the snap-in to a property sheet.
Public interfaceISnapinAboutAllows the console to get copyright and version information and images for the static folder from a snap-in.

Public structureCLSIDServes as a wrapper for a globally unique identifier (GUID) for a COM class.
Public structureCONTEXTMENUITEMDefines a new menu item, submenu, or insertion point for the AddItem method.
Public structureFORMATETCA generalized Clipboard format containing a target device, the aspect or view of the data, and a storage medium indicator.
Public structureMMC_LISTPAD_INFOFilled by the GetListPadInfo method to specify the title text, optional button text, and optional button command identification for a list-view task pad.
Public structureMMC_TASKSpecifies all the data that is required to set up an individual task on a task pad.
Public structureMMC_TASK_DISPLAY_OBJECTSpecifies the type of image and data that is required to use the image to display a task or the background on a task pad.
Public structureMMCBUTTONContains values that are used to create buttons on a toolbar.
Public structureRESULTDATAITEMSpecifies or receives the attributes of result items in the results pane of the snap-in.
Public structureSCOPEDATAITEMSpecifies items to be inserted into the scope pane.
Public structureSTGMEDIUMProvides a generalized global memory handle to use for data transfer operations.

Public delegateDialogProcProcesses messages that are sent to a modal or modeless dialog box.
Public delegatePropSheetPageProcSpecifies a callback function that a property sheet calls when a page is created and when the page is about to be destroyed.

Public enumerationMMC_CONTROL_TYPESpecifies the types of controls that can appear on the control bar.

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