TelemetryChannel Members

Represents a communication channel for sending telemetry to application insights.

The following tables list the members exposed by the TelemetryChannel type.

  Name Description
  TelemetryChannel Initializes a new instance of the TelemetryChannel class.

  Name Description
public property DataUploadIntervalInSeconds Gets or sets the maximum telemetry batching interval. Once the interval expires, TelemetryChannel serializes the accumulated telemetry items for transmission.
public property DeveloperMode Gets or sets a value indicating whether developer mode of telemetry transmission is enabled. When developer mode is True, TelemetryChannel sends telemetry to Application Insights immediately during the entire lifetime of the application. When developer mode is False, TelemetryChannel respects production sending policies defined by other properties.
public property EndpointAddress Gets or sets the HTTP address where the telemetry is sent.
public property MaxTelemetryBufferCapacity Gets or sets the maximum number of telemetry items will accumulate in a memory before the TelemetryChannel serializing them for transmission to Application Insights.
public property MaxTransmissionBufferCapacity Gets or sets the maximum amount of memory, in bytes, that TelemetryChannel will use to buffer transmissions before sending them to Application Insights.
public property MaxTransmissionSenderCapacity Gets or sets the maximum number of telemetry transmissions that TelemetryChannel will send to Application Insights at the same time.
public property MaxTransmissionStorageCapacity Gets or sets the maximum amount of disk space, in bytes, that TelemetryChannel will use to store unsent telemetry transmissions.
public property StopUploadAfterIntervalInSeconds Gets or sets the amount of time, in seconds, after application is started when the TelemetryChannel will send telemetry to ApplicationInsights. Once the specified amount of time runs out, telemetry will be stored on disk until the application is started again.

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public methodSendSends an instance of ITelemetry through the channel.
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