MiningValueType Enumeration

Represents the type of the value of the MiningDistribution object and the MiningValue object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer
Assembly:  msmgdsrv (in msmgdsrv.dll)

public enum MiningValueType

Member nameDescription
DifferenceOrderRepresents a value that indicates how many times the series is differentiated.
MovingAverageOrderRepresents a value that represents the number of moving averages in a series.
AutoRegressiveOrderRepresents a value that contains the number of autoregressive series.
PeriodicityRepresents a value that contains the number of periodic structures in a model.
InterceptRepresents a value that contains the intercept in a regression formula.
NodeUniqueNameRepresents the unique identifier of another content node in a model.
RegressorStatisticsRepresents a value that contains the algorithm-specific statistics concerning a single regressor.
ScoreGainRepresents a value that contains a score gain for an attribute.
CoefficientRepresents a coefficient that is applied to the value of the associated attribute.
DiscretizedRepresents a discretized value of the associated attribute. The value will be a formatted string that describes the respective discretization buckets.
DiscreteRepresents a discrete value of the associated attribute.
ContinuousRepresents a continuous value of the associated attribute.
ExistingRepresents a value that describes the existence of an attribute.
AutoDetectRepresents a value of an inferred type, based on contextual information.
PreRenderedStringRepresents a custom value that the algorithm renders as a string. No formatting was applied by the object model.
MissingRepresents the Missing state of any attribute.
BooleanRepresents a Boolean type.
OtherRepresents a custom value that is defined by the algorithm.

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