AdomdSchemaGuid Class

Contains the most commonly available schema rowset GUIDs used by the GetSchemaDataSet method of the AdomdConnection.


Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.dll)

public sealed class AdomdSchemaGuid

The AdomdSchemaGuid type exposes the following members.

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Public fieldStatic memberActionsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_ACTIONS rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberCatalogsContains the GUID of the DBSCHEMA_CATALOGS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberColumnsContains the GUID of the DBSCHEMA_COLUMNS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberCommandObjects
Public fieldStatic memberCommands
Public fieldStatic memberConnectionsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_CONNECTIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberCubesContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_CUBES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberDataSourcesContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_DATASOURCES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberDBConnectionsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_DB_CONNECTIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberDimensionsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_DIMENSIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberDimensionStatContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_DIMENSION_STAT schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberEnumeratorsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_ENUMERATORS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberFunctionsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_FUNCTIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberHierarchiesContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_HIERARCHIES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberInputDataSourcesContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_INPUT_DATASOURCES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberInstancesContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_INSTANCES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberJobsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_JOBS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberKeywordsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_KEYWORDS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberKpisContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_KPIS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberLevelsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_LEVELS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberLiteralsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_LITERALS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberLocationsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_LOCATIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberLocksContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_LOCKS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMasterKeyContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_MASTER_KEY schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMeasureGroupDimensionsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_MEASUREGROUP_DIMENSIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMeasureGroupsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_MEASUREGROUPS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMeasuresContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_MEASURES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMemberPropertiesContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_PROPERTIES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMembersContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMemoryGrantContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_MEMORYGRANT schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMemoryUsageContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_MEMORYUSAGE schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningColumnsContains the GUID of the MINING_COLUMNS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningFunctionsContains the GUID of the MINING_FUNCTIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningModelContentContains the GUID of the MINING_MODEL_CONTENT schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningModelContentPmmlContains the GUID of the DMSCHEMA_MINING_MODEL_CONTENT_PMML schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningModelsContains the GUID of the MINING_MODELS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningModelXmlContains the GUID of the DMSCHEMA_MINING_MODEL_XML schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningServiceParametersContains the GUID of the SERVICE_PARAMETERS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningServicesContains the GUID of the MINING_SERVICES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningStructureColumnsContains the GUID of the DMSCHEMA_MINING_STRUCTURE_COLUMNS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberMiningStructuresContains the GUID of the DMSCHEMA_MINING_STRUCTURES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberObjectActivity
Public fieldStatic memberObjectMemoryUsage
Public fieldStatic memberPartitionDimensionStatContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_PARTITION_DIMENSION_STAT schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberPartitionStatContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_PARTITION_STAT schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberPerformanceCountersContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_PERFORMANCE_COUNTERS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberProviderTypesContains the GUID of the PROVIDER_TYPES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberSchemaRowsetsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberSessionsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_SESSIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberSetsContains the GUID of the MDSCHEMA_SETS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberStorageSegments
Public fieldStatic memberStorageTableColumns
Public fieldStatic memberStorageTables
Public fieldStatic memberTablesContains the GUID of the DBSCHEMA_TABLES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTablesInfoContains the GUID of the DBSCHEMA_TABLES_INFO schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTraceColumnsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_TRACE_COLUMNS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTraceDefinitionProviderInfoContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_TRACE_DEFINITION_PROVIDERINFO schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTraceEventCategoriesContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_TRACE_EVENT_CATEGORIES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTracesContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_TRACES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberTransactionsContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_TRANSACTIONS schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberXmlaPropertiesContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_PROPERTIES schema rowset.
Public fieldStatic memberXmlMetadataContains the GUID of the DISCOVER_XML_METADATA schema rowset.

Each field in the AdomdSchemaGuid class maps to an OLE DB or XML for Analysis schema rowset. For more information about OLE DB schema rowsets, see "Appendix B: Schema Rowsets," in the OLE DB Programmer's Reference. For more information about XML for Analysis schema rowsets, see the XML for Analysis 1.1 specification.


Some members of the AdomdSchemaGuid class (such as the CATALOGS schema rowset) may not be supported by your provider. Refer to your database documentation to determine whether you can retrieve this schema information using other techniques.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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