AccountTypes.Asset Field


Updated: May 24, 2016

Represents the asset account type.

Namespace:   Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)

public const string Asset

Field Value

Type: System.String

The following example in C# demonstrates how the class works.

SortedList<String, String> accountTypes = new SortedList<string, string>();
accountTypes.Add("Asset", AccountTypes.Asset);
accountTypes.Add("Balance", AccountTypes.Balance);
accountTypes.Add("Expense", AccountTypes.Expense);
accountTypes.Add("Flow", AccountTypes.Flow);
accountTypes.Add("Income", AccountTypes.Income);
accountTypes.Add("Liability", AccountTypes.Liability);
accountTypes.Add("Statistical", AccountTypes.Statistical);
foreach (String key in accountTypes.Keys)
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(key + " --> " + accountTypes[key]);

You should see the following results.

Asset --> Asset

Balance --> Balance

Expense --> Expense

Flow --> Flow

Income --> Income

Liability --> Liability

Statistical --> Statistical

The values in the right column represent the contents for each of the constant literals.

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