SenseError Enumeration

Sense error codes

Namespace: Lumia.Sense
Assembly: Lumia.Sense (in Lumia.Sense.dll) Version:

Lumia.Sense.SenseError = function();
Lumia.Sense.SenseError.createEnum('Lumia.Sense.SenseError', false);

Member nameValueDescription
GeneralFailure0 General failure
NotFound1 Item not found. There was no item matching the given criteria found.
SenseDisabled2 User has disabled motion data collection from the Motion data settings
LocationDisabled3 Location is disabled by the user from the Location settings
InvalidParameter4 Invalid input parameter(s)
Busy5 The component is busy, try again later
SensorNotAvailable6 Such sensor is not available on this device
SenseNotAvailable7 SensorCore SDK is not supported on this device
SensorDeactivated8 Sensor is deactivated. You need to reactivate it by calling ActivateAsync()
IncompatibleSDK9 Incompatible SDK. Sense platform in the device is incompatible with the SDK version. Please make sure to update to the latest SDK version.