ActivityMonitor Members

The ActivityMonitor type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method ActivateAsync
Re-establishes the communication channel with underlying sensor, if it doesn't already exist. Connection needs to be re-established when the application is brought to foreground.
Public method DeactivateAsync
Closes the communication channel with underlying sensor. Connection must be closed whenever application is put to background.
Public method GetActivityAtAsync
Gets the device activity at given time.
Public method GetActivityHistoryAsync
Returns time ordered list of activities occured during given time period.
Public method GetCurrentReadingAsync
Gets the current activity
Public method Static member GetDefaultAsync
Gets the default implementation.
Public method Static member IsSupportedAsync
Returns whether the sensor is supported by the device or not.

  Name Description
Public property Enabled
Enables or disables activity change event monitoring.
Public property Type
The sensor type.

  Name Description
Public event ReadingChanged
Occurs each time activity changes.