CpuImageWorkerBase Members

The CpuImageWorkerBase type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected method CpuImageWorkerBase()
Creates and initializes CpuImageWorkerBase with default values.
Protected method CpuImageWorkerBase(IEnumerable<T>, Void)
Initializes a new instance of the CpuImageWorkerBase class
Protected method CpuImageWorkerBase(IEnumerable<T>, Void, ColorMode)
Initializes a new instance of the CpuImageWorkerBase class

  Name Description
Public method Dispose()
Releases all resources used by the CpuImageWorkerBase
Protected method Dispose(Boolean)
Called by the Dispose() method.
Public method Static member FromColor
Encodes the specified Color into an unsigned integer.
Protected method OnProcess
Called when the filter is asked to process a rectangular area of the image.
Public method Prepare
Tell the worker to prepare for rendering using the passed parameters.
Public method Process
Process a rectangular part of the image.
Public method Static member ToColor
Creates a Color from a UInt32.

  Name Description
Protected property AcceptedColorMode
The color mode used, from one of the supported ones.
Public property BlockMargins
Size of the margins needed if the worker wants to sample neighboring pixels around a source pixel.
Public property BorderSampling
How to sample pixels outside the image area when the image worker has non-zero BlockMargins.
Public property ColorMode
The configured color mode.
Public property Configuration
The image provider that created this worker.
Protected property ImageSize
The size of the entire image.
Public property SourceBuffer
The configured source buffer, provided by the worker.
Public property TargetBuffer
The configured target buffer, provided by the worker.