ReframingFilter Class

Reframes the image to comprise a rectangle of any size inside or outside the current image. Reframing is done by specifying a reframing area by position and size, an angle of clockwise rotation, and a pivot point around which the reframing area is rotated.

Namespace: Lumia.Imaging.Transforms
Assembly: Lumia.Imaging (in Lumia.Imaging.dll) Version:

Lumia.Imaging.Transforms.ReframingFilter = function();


using (var filterEffect = new FilterEffect(source))
    // Initialize the filter and add the filter to the FilterEffect collection
    var filter = new ReframingFilter(new Windows.Foundation.Rect(200, 200, 670, 446), 32.5);

    filterEffect.Filters = new IFilter[] { filter };

    // Create a target where the filtered image will be rendered to
    var target = new WriteableBitmap(width, height);

    // Create a new renderer which outputs WriteableBitmaps
    using (var renderer = new WriteableBitmapRenderer(filterEffect, target))
        // Render the image with the filter(s)
        await renderer.RenderAsync();

        // Set the output image to Image control as a source
        ImageControl.Source = target;

    await SaveEffectAsync(filterEffect, "ReframingFilter.jpg", outputImageSize);


Lumia Imaging SDK

Supported in: 2.0