ImageFormat Enumeration

Supported image formats.

Namespace: Lumia.Imaging
Assembly: Lumia.Imaging (in Lumia.Imaging.dll) Version:

Lumia.Imaging.ImageFormat = function();
Lumia.Imaging.ImageFormat.createEnum('Lumia.Imaging.ImageFormat', false);

Member nameValueDescription
Undefined0 The image format is undefined (or should be auto-detected).
Jpeg1 The image is in JPEG format.
Png2 The image is in PNG format.
Gif3 The image is in GIF format.
Bmp4 The image is in BMP format.
Wbmp5 The image is in WBMP format.
Tiff6 The image is in TIFF format.

Lumia Imaging SDK

Supported in: 3.0, 2.0