InteractiveSegmentationMaskRectifier Methods

InteractiveSegmentationMaskRectifier Methods Lumia Imaging SDK

The InteractiveSegmentationMaskRectifier type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method Close
Public method GetBitmapAsync
Public method GetInfoAsync
Public method Lock
Public method PreloadAsync
Extension Methods
  Name Description
Public Extension Method AsAnimationFrame
Returns an AnimationFrame with as its source and the specified frame duration (and optional position).
(Defined by ImageProviderExtensions.)
Public Extension Method GetBitmapAsync
Create a WriteableBitmap with the contents of the image provider.
(Defined by ImageProviderExtensions.)
Public Extension Method Then TImageConsumer 
Enables a fluid way of chaining multiple IImageProviders and IImageConsumers.
(Defined by ImageProviderExtensions.)
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