BlendFilter Properties

The BlendFilter type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property BlendFunction
Blend function to use when blending the two images.
Public property ForegroundSource
The foreground image that will be blended onto the background image.
Public property Level
The factor of interpolation between the result of the blend operation and the original image.

Range [0.0, 1.0], where 0.0 gives a result identical to the source image and 1.0 means the result of the blend operation is fully visible.

Public property MaskSource
An optional mask image that determines per-pixel how much of the result of the blend operation is visible in the final result. If set to null, the alpha channel of the ForegroundSource is used instead.
Public property TargetArea
A target area within the background image into which the foreground is image blended. Expressed in the unit coordinate space of the background image, i.e., the top left corner of the background image is at (0, 0), and the bottom right corner is at (1, 1).

TargetOutputOption controls how the foreground is fitted into the target area. By default, the foreground image is stretched to fit the target area.

If value equals Windows::Foundation::Rect::Empty, or either Width or Height is smaller than or equal to zero, the foreground will be stretched over whole background and aspect ratio will not be preserved.

Public property TargetAreaRotation
The angle of counter clockwise rotation of TargetArea around its center, in degrees.

If the TargetArea has not been set, or doesn't have a positive width and height, this property will be ignored.

Public property TargetOutputOption
Controls how the foreground is fitted into the target area.

If set to Stretch, the foreground image will be resized to fit the target area exactly. If set to PreserveAspectRatio, the foreground image will be blended into the target area centered and with the original aspect ratio intact. If set to PreserveSize, the size portion of the target area will be ignored, and the foregound image will be blended in its original size.