Bitmap Constructor

  Name Description
Public method Bitmap(Size, ColorMode)
Creates an empty Bitmap where data can be rendered to.
Public method Bitmap(Bitmap, Rect)
Creates a Bitmap that points to the same image data as another Bitmap, cropped to a smaller rectangle.
Public method Bitmap(Size, ColorMode, UInt32, IBuffer)
Creates a Bitmap referencing the data in the provided IBuffer. Use only with interleaved, non-planar color modes. Single plane color modes are Ayuv4444, Rgb565, Rgb565D, Argb8888, Bgra8888, Pbgra8888, Gray8, Yuv422_Y1UY2V.
Public method Bitmap(Size, ColorMode, UInt32[], IBuffer[])
Creates a bitmap referencing the data in the provided IBuffers. Suitable for planar and semi-planar color modes.