WhitePointCalculationMode Enumeration

The ways in which the white point can be calculated by the white balance effect.

Namespace: Lumia.Imaging.Adjustments
Assembly: Lumia.Imaging (in Lumia.Imaging.dll) Version:

Lumia.Imaging.Adjustments.WhitePointCalculationMode = function();
Lumia.Imaging.Adjustments.WhitePointCalculationMode.createEnum('Lumia.Imaging.Adjustments.WhitePointCalculationMode', false);

Member nameValueDescription
Cluster0Uses the mean value of the 256-bin distribution.
Mean1 Uses the estimated mean gray for the color correction.
Maximum2 Uses the estimated maximum intensity color.
Manual3 Uses a specified white reference color.

Lumia Imaging SDK

Supported in: 3.0, 2.0