This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Call Properties and Methods of the Windows Forms Control

Because CWinFormsView::GetControl returns a pointer to System.Windows.Forms.Control, and not a pointer to WindowsControlLibrary1::UserControl1, it is advisable to add a member of the user control type and initialize it in IView::OnInitialUpdate. Now you can call methods and properties using m_ViewControl.

To create the MFC host application

  1. Open the MFC application you created in How to: Create the User Control and Host in a Dialog Box.

  2. Add the following line to the public overrides section of the CMFC02View class declaration in MFC02View.h.

    gcroot<WindowsControlLibrary1::UserControl1 ^> m_ViewControl;

  3. Add an override for OnInitialupdate.

    Display the Properties window (F4). In Class View (CTRL+SHIFT+C), select CMFC02View class. In the Properties window, select the icon for Overrides. Scoll down the list to OnInitialUpdate. Click on the drop down list and select <Add>. In MFC02View.cpp. make sure the body of the OnInitialUpdate function is as follows:

    m_ViewControl = safe_cast<WindowsControlLibrary1::UserControl1 ^>(this->GetControl());
    m_ViewControl->textBox1->Text = gcnew System::String("hi");
  4. Build and run the project.

    On the Build menu, click Build Solution.

    On the Debug menu, click Start without debugging.

    Notice that the text box is now initialized.