Call this member function to set the status (validity) of this COleCurrency object.

      void SetStatus( 
   CurrencyStatus status  


The new status for this COleCurrency object.

The status parameter value is defined by the CurrencyStatus enumerated type, which is defined within the COleCurrency class.

enum CurrencyStatus{

valid = 0,

invalid = 1,

null = 2,


For a brief description of these status values, see the following list:

  • COleCurrency::valid   Indicates that this COleCurrency object is valid.

  • COleCurrency::invalid   Indicates that this COleCurrency object is invalid; that is, its value may be incorrect.

  • COleCurrency::null   Indicates that this COleCurrency object is null, that is, that no value has been supplied for this object. (This is "null" in the database sense of "having no value," as opposed to the C++ NULL.)


    This function is for advanced programming situations. This function does not alter the data in this object. It will most often be used to set the status to null or invalid. Note that the assignment operator (operator =) and SetCurrency do set the status to of the object based on the source value(s).


Header: afxdisp.h