This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.JScript.Vsa Namespace

The Microsoft.JScript.Vsa namespace contains interfaces that allow you to integrate Script for the.NET Framework script engines into JScript, and to compile and execute code at run time.

Public classBaseVsaEngine Obsolete. Implements IJSVsaEngine interface.
Public classBaseVsaSite Obsolete. Enables communication between the host and the script engine.
Public classBaseVsaStartup Obsolete. Used to start and reset base VSA engine.
Public classJSVsaException Obsolete. This type supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classResInfoInfrastructure. Obsolete.
Public classVsaEngine Obsolete. Implements IVsaEngine interface.

Public interfaceIJSVsaCodeItem Obsolete. Represents a code item to be compiled by the script engine.
Public interfaceIJSVsaEngine Obsolete. Defines the methods and properties that a script engine must support and provides programmatic access to the script engine.
Public interfaceIJSVsaError Obsolete. Provides access to compilation errors encountered during execution.
Public interfaceIJSVsaGlobalItem Obsolete. Describes global objects added to the script engine.
Public interfaceIJSVsaItem Obsolete. Defines an interface for all items added to the .NET script engine, including code items, reference items, and global items. It defines generic properties and methods that apply to all item types recognized by the engine.
Public interfaceIJSVsaItems Obsolete. Defines an interface for a collection of IJSVsaItem objects, which can be addressed either by name or by index.
Public interfaceIJSVsaPersistSite Obsolete. Manages project persistence and stores and retrieves code and other items using save and load operations implemented by the host.
Public interfaceIJSVsaReferenceItem Obsolete. Describes a reference added to the script engine.
Public interfaceIJSVsaSite Obsolete. Enables communication between the host and the script engine. This interface is implemented by the host.

Protected enumerationBaseVsaEngine.PreProvides enumeration for the BaseVsaEngine class.
Public enumerationJSVsaError Obsolete. Defines the set of exceptions that can be thrown by a .NET script engine.
Public enumerationJSVsaItemFlag Obsolete. Identifies the type of code item as Class, Module, or None.
Public enumerationJSVsaItemType Obsolete. Represents the type of the item.