Compiler Error C2975


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arg' : invalid template argument for 'type', expected compile-time constant expression

The template argument does not match the template declaration; a constant expression should appear within the angle brackets. Variables are not allowed as template actual arguments. Check the template definition to find the correct types.

The following sample generates C2975:

// C2975.cpp  
template<int I>  
class X {};  
int main() {  
   int i = 4, j = 2;  
   X<i + j> x1;   // C2975  
   X<6> x2;   // OK  

C2975 will also occur when you use __LINE__ as a compile-time constant with /ZI. One solution would be to compile with /Zi instead of /ZI.

// C2975b.cpp  
// compile with: /ZI  
// processor: x86  
template<long line>   
void test(void) {}  
int main() {  
   test<__LINE__>();   // C2975