This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Bi-directional Language Features in Visual Studio

Visual Studio includes support for bi-directional features, which support Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, and other languages that are written right-to-left. The following topics describe the features you can use to create applications for these languages.

In This Section

Bi-directional Features at Design Time in Visual Studio
Information on working in Visual Studio and how it does (and does not) support bi-directional features.
Arabic or Hebrew Text in Object Names
Information on how you can use bi-directional text to assign names to objects.
Saving and Opening Files with Encoding
How to set the character encoding in files and work with encoded files.
Creating Applications for Bi-directional Languages with Visual Studio
Provides overview information on how bi-directional text can be used in different types of Visual Studio applications.
Bi-directional Support for Windows Applications
Provides summary information of how bi-directional text is supported in Windows applications.
Creating Mirrored Windows Forms and Controls
Describes how to create Windows forms and controls that are properly reversed for use with bi-directional languages.
Creating Message Boxes for Bi-Directional Windows Applications
Describes how to display Windows message boxes correctly for bi-directional languages.
Bi-directional Support for Web Applications
Provides summary information of how bi-directional text is supported in Web applications.
Web Forms Controls in Bi-Directional Applications
Lists issues with using bi-directional text with Web Forms controls.

Related Topics

Globalizing and Localizing Applications
Lists topics in Visual Studio that pertain to creating international applications.
Localizing Applications
Lists topics that describe how to create applications with region-specific content.
Globalizing Applications
Lists topics that pertain to creating applications that can be localized.
Visual Studio .NET With Arabic Language Support
This whitepaper on the Web site provides details on support for Arabic in applications created with Visual Studio. It includes Arabic-specific information about text formatting, calendar support, Windows Forms and controls, Web Forms, culture-specific classes in the .NET Framework, and Crystal Reports.