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operator>> (<string>)


A template function that reads a string from an input stream.

template<class CharType, class Traits, class Allocator>
   basic_istream<CharType, Traits>& operator>>(
      basic_istream<CharType, Traits>& _Istr,
      basic_string<CharType, Traits, Allocator>& _Right


The input stream used to extract the sequence


The string that is being extracted from the input stream.

Reads the value of the specified string from _Istr and returns it into _Right.

The operator skips the leading white spaces unless the skipws flag is set. It reads all the following characters until the next character is a white space or the end of the file is reached.

The template function overloads operator>> to replace the sequence controlled by _Right with a sequence of elements extracted from the stream _Istr. Extraction stops:

  • At end of file.

  • After the function extracts _Istr.width elements, if that value is nonzero.

After the function extracts _Istr.max_size elements.

  • After the function extracts an element ch for which use_facet<ctype<CharType> >( getloc). is( ctype<CharType>::space, ch) is true, in which case the character is put back.

If the function extracts no elements, it calls setstate(ios_base::failbit). In any case, it calls istr.width(0) and returns *this.


// string_op_read_.cpp
// compile with: /EHsc
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

int main( )
   using namespace std;

   string c0;
   cout << "Input a string c0 ( try: Fibonacci numbers ): ";
   cin >> c0;
   cout << "The string entered is c0 = " << c0 << endl;

Fibonacci numbers

Input a string c0 ( try: Fibonacci numbers ): Fibonacci numbers
The string entered is c0 = Fibonacci


Header: <string>

Namespace: std