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Loads the icon resource named by lpszResourceName or specified by nIDResource from the executable file.

      HICON LoadIcon(
   LPCTSTR lpszResourceName 
) const;
HICON LoadIcon(
   UINT nIDResource 
) const;


Points to a null-terminated string that contains the name of the icon resource. You can also use a CString for this argument.


ID number of the icon resource.

A handle to an icon if successful; otherwise NULL.

LoadIcon loads the icon only if it has not been previously loaded; otherwise, it retrieves a handle of the existing resource.

You can use the LoadStandardIcon or LoadOEMIcon member function to access the predefined Windows icons.


This member function calls the Win32 API function LoadIcon, which can only load an icon whose size conforms to the SM_CXICON and SM_CYICON system metric values.


Header: afxwin.h