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System.Drawing.Design Namespace

The System.Drawing.Design namespace contains classes that extend design-time user interface (UI) logic and drawing. The classes in this namespace can be used to create custom toolbox items, type-specific value editors that can edit and graphically represent values of their supported types, and type converters that can convert values between certain types. This namespace provides the basic frameworks for developing extensions to the design-time UI.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
BitmapEditor Provides a user interface for selecting bitmap files in a properties window.
CategoryNameCollection Represents a collection of category name strings.
FontEditor Provides a user interface to select and configure a Font object.
ImageEditor Provides a user interface for selecting an image for a property in a property grid.
PaintValueEventArgs Provides data for the PaintValue event.
PropertyValueUIItem Provides information about a property displayed on the Properties window, including the associated event handler, pop-up information string, and the icon to display for the property.
ToolboxComponentsCreatedEventArgs Provides data for the ComponentsCreated event that occurs when components are added to the toolbox.
ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs Provides data for the ComponentsCreating event that occurs when components are added to the toolbox.
ToolboxItem Provides a base implementation of a toolbox item.
ToolboxItemCollection Represents a collection of toolbox items.
UITypeEditor Provides a base class that can be used to design value editors that can provide a user interface for representing and editing the values of objects of the supported data type(s).


Interface Description
IPropertyValueUIService Provides an interface to manage the images, ToolTips, and event handlers for the properties of a component displayed in a property browser.
IToolboxService Provides methods and properties to manage and query the toolbox in the development environment.
IToolboxUser Defines an interface for setting the currently selected toolbox item and indicating whether a designer supports a particular toolbox item.


Delegate Description
PropertyValueUIHandler Represents the method that adds a delegate to an implementation of IPropertyValueUIService.
PropertyValueUIItemInvokeHandler Represents the method that will handle the InvokeHandler event of a PropertyValueUIItem.
ToolboxComponentsCreatedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the ComponentsCreated event.
ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventHandler Represents the method that handles the ComponentsCreating event.
ToolboxItemCreatorCallback Represents the method that will handle the ToolboxItemCreatorCallback event.


Enumeration Description
UITypeEditorEditStyle Specifies identifiers that indicate the value editing style of a UITypeEditor.

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