DataRow.GetColumnError Method (Int32)


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Gets the error description for the column specified by index.

Namespace:   System.Data
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

Public Function GetColumnError (
	columnIndex As Integer
) As String


Type: System.Int32

The zero-based index of the column.

Return Value

Type: System.String

The text of the error description.

Exception Condition

The columnIndex argument is out of range.

Use the SetColumnError method to set column errors.

To determine whether any errors exist for the columns collection, use the HasErrors method. Consequently, you can use the GetColumnsInError method to retrieve all the columns with errors.

To clear all errors for the columns collection, use the ClearErrors method.

The following example sets an error description for a specified DataRow.

Private Sub SetColError(ByVal row As DataRow, _
    byVal columnIndex As Integer)
    Dim errorString As String = "Replace this text."

    ' Set the error for the specified column of the row.
    row.SetColumnError(columnIndex, errorString)
End Sub

Private Sub PrintColError( _
    ByVal row As DataRow, byVal columnIndex As Integer)

    ' Print the error of a specified column.
End Sub

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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