Installation Folder User Interface Dialog Box
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Installation Folder User Interface Dialog Box 

The Installation Folder dialog box is used to allow the user to choose the folder where application files will be installed. The Folder field overrides the DefaultLocation property set for the Application folder in the File System Editor; the location selected by the user is stored in the [TARGETDIR] property. This dialog box is not available for Web Setup projects.

The Installation Folder dialog box is typically the next to the last dialog box in the Start section of the User Interface Editor, preceding only the Confirm Installation dialog box. If this dialog box is preceded by one or more custom dialog boxes (Checkboxes, RadioButtons, or Textboxes) the Back button will be disabled; otherwise, it will be enabled.

The following illustration shows a typical Installation Folder dialog box, as it would appear during installation.

Installation Folder dialog box
Deployment UI splash screen

In the above illustration, MyApplication corresponds to the ProductName property for the deployment project.

The Browse button displays a standard Browse for Folder dialog box; the Disk Cost button displays the MyApplication Disk Space dialog box that calculates required and available disk space.

The "Install MyApplication for yourself, or for anyone who uses this computer" label and the corresponding Everyone and Just me option buttons only appear during installation if the InstallAllUsersVisible property is set to true. For more information, see InstallAllUsersVisible Property.

The only other property available for the Installation Address dialog box is the BannerBitmap property, which sets the image that appears in the upper right corner of the dialog box. The position and size of the image are fixed.


For a consistent user interface, the same image should be used for all dialog boxes in an installer.

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