Remote Automation Installation


Remote Automation has relatively few components:

  • The Remote Automation client proxy, AUTPRX32.DLL.

  • The Remote Automation server-side component, the Automation Manager, AUTMGR32.EXE.

  • The RAC Manager, RACMGR32.EXE, with its matching RACREG32.DLL.

Of these, RAC Manager is written in Visual Basic and therefore needs the Visual Basic run-time support. These and the other Remote Automation files are installed by Setup when you install Visual C++ Enterprise Edition.

If you copy the Remote Automation components to a computer on which Visual C++ version Enterprise Edition is not installed, ensure that REGSRV32.EXE is on the computer's path, and register RACREG32.DLL using the following command line:



Versions of RAC Manager before Visual C++ 5.0 required GUAGE32.OCX and TABCTL32.OCX. Neither of these is required for the version of RAC Manager that ships with Visual C++ Enterprise Edition, version 5.0 or later.