This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Upgrading from Visual J++ 6.0

Visual Studio 2005

This section provides recommendations and procedures for upgrading Microsoft® Visual J++ 6.0® applications to Microsoft Visual J#. It includes topics on planning, troubleshooting, using resources, upgrading Java-language/COM interoperability projects, and upgrading from various* packages. There are also topics on using the Visual J# Upgrade Wizard and the upgrade report.

You can open and upgrade existing Visual J++ 6.0 projects using Visual J#, but in some cases you may need to modify your projects after upgrading them.

In This Section

Introduction to Visual J# for Visual J++ Users

Discusses how Visual J# adds support for the Java language on the .NET Framework.

Planning to Upgrade

Provides a brief overview of upgrading from Visual J++ to Visual J#.

Visual J# Upgrade Wizard

Provides an overview of the Visual J# Upgrade Wizard and details on working with its features.

Visual J# Upgrade Report

Describes the format and purpose of the upgrade report.

Upgrading a Visual J++ 6.0 Project

Describes how to upgrade your Visual J++ 6.0 project to Visual J# using the Upgrade Wizard.

Upgrading Visual J++ 6.0 Applications That Use Resources

Covers the procedure to convert resources used by a Visual J++ 6.0 project into .NET Framework resources, including compatibility issues involved with embedding or linking a resource.

Upgrading Projects Using Java-Language/COM Interoperability

Discusses how to compile, debug, and run Java-language/COM components developed with Visual J++® 6.0.

Upgrading Applications That Dynamically Load Classes

Contains sections about the CLASSPATH variable and binding.

Upgrading Applications That Use Custom Class Loaders

Presents the argument against using custom class loaders in Visual J#.

Upgrading Applications That Use the Visual J++ 6.0 Security Semantics

Discusses security semantics and applications that use third-party providers.

Upgrading from* Packages to . NET Framework Class Libraries

Shows the .NET Framework class library equivalents to some of the commonly used* packages. Includes topics on upgrading from the*,, and packages.

Common Issues in Upgrading Projects from Visual J++ 6.0

Lists issues that may be encountered after upgrading your project to Visual J#.

Conditional Debugging Support

Provides information about when to use the Visual J++ 6.0 @conditional attribute versus the .NET ConditionalAttribute class.

Working with Both Visual J++ 6.0 and Visual J#

Explains how you can work on Visual J++ 6.0 and Visual J# side-by-side after upgrading a Visual J++ 6.0 solution.

Related Sections

Language Support

Provides reference information about Visual J++ 6.0 and .NET Framework features that are supported and not supported in Visual J#.

Class Library Support

Lists the packages supported and not supported, as well as implementation-specific details for the class library support.

Visual J# Upgrading Reference

Provides help for issues detected by the Upgrade Wizard during upgrade of projects from Visual J++ 6.0 to Visual J#.

Upgrading Projects Using Java-Language/COM Interoperability

Discusses the considerations while upgrading Visual J++ 6.0 projects that make use of Java-language/COM interoperability.

Visual J#

Provides links to various areas of the Visual J# documentation set.

Visual J# Migration

Describes the tools available to convert Java and J++ applications, applets, and bytecode to Visual J#.