Adding and Configuring a Form Control

Use a Form control to partition content and controls into navigable groups for presentation to the user. For more information, see Introduction to the Form Control.

To add a Form control to an ASP.NET mobile Web Forms page

  1. Drag a Form control from the Mobile Web Forms tab of the Toolbox onto a mobile Web Forms page.

  2. Configure the Form control by:

    1. Dragging other controls that might be needed onto the form from the Toolbox.

    2. Optionally defining templates or property override values for the Form. To do so, drag a DeviceSpecific control onto it from the Toolbox.

    3. Setting the background color, if needed, by setting the BackColor property in the Properties window.

    4. Optionally typing literal text directly on the form. Literal text flows around other controls within the form. You can format the text using the Bold and Italic properties. In addition, the ForeColor property enables you to set the color of the form's text.

    5. Setting the Paginate property to true if you want the form's content to be automatically paginated.

    6. Setting the Action property, if needed, to define the URL to which the form must be submitted.

    7. Setting the Method property to define the method used to submit the form to the server.

    8. Optionally writing event handlers for the Activate, Deactivate and Paginated events in the code-behind file.