This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.SourceSafe.Interop Namespace 

Visual Studio 2005

Contains VSS Automation interfaces, collections, events, and enumerations.

Public interfaceIVSSRepresents a Visual SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSCheckoutRepresents a checkout record of a SourceSafe file.
Public interfaceIVSSCheckoutModifiableRepresents a checkout record of a SourceSafe file.
Public interfaceIVSSCheckoutsA collection of all the IVSSCheckout records of a file.
Public interfaceIVSSDatabaseRepresents a Visual SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSEventHandlerSourceSafe add-in must implement this interface.
Public interfaceIVSSEventsRepresents Visual SourceSafe events.
Public interfaceIVSSEvents_EventSee IVSSEvents
Public interfaceIVSSItemRepresents a file or a project within the SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSItemsRepresents a collection of all children (files and subprojects) of a SourceSafe project.
Public interfaceIVSSUserRepresents a single user in the current SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSUsersRepresents a collection of all users within the SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSVersionRepresents a version of a file or a project in the SourceSafe database.
Public interfaceIVSSVersionsA collection of all the versions of a file or a project.
Public interfaceVSSAppImplements IVSS and IVSSEvents_Event interfaces.
Public interfaceVSSCheckoutSee IVSSCheckout.
Public interfaceVSSDatabaseSee IVSSDatabase.
Public interfaceVSSItemSee IVSSItem.
Public interfaceVSSUserSee IVSSUser.
Public interfaceVSSVersionSee IVSSVersion.

Public enumerationSourceSafeTypeLibVersionEnables code to check the IVSS version being accessed.
Public enumerationVSSCheckoutTypeDesignates the type of check out for a VSSCheckout object.
Public enumerationVSSFileStatusIdentifies the IVSSCheckout status of a SourceSafe file.
Public enumerationVSSFlagsDefines various SourceSafe settings.
Public enumerationVSSItemEncodingRepresents encoding type of a file.
Public enumerationVSSItemTypeIdentifies the types of IVSSItem as file or project.
Public enumerationVSSRightsIdentifies the ProjectRights and the DefaultProjectRights of a SourceSafe IVSSUser.