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Converts device units into logical units.

void DPtoLP( 
   LPPOINT lpPoints, 
   int nCount = 1  
) const; 
void DPtoLP( 
   LPRECT lpRect  
) const; 
void DPtoLP( 
   LPSIZE lpSize  
) const;


Points to an array of POINT structures or CPoint objects.


The number of points in the array.


Points to a RECT structure or CRect object. This parameter is used for the simple case of converting one rectangle from device points to logical points.


Points to a SIZE structure or CSize object.

The function maps the coordinates of each point, or dimension of a size, from the device coordinate system into GDI's logical coordinate system. The conversion depends on the current mapping mode and the settings of the origins and extents for the device's window and viewport.

Header: afxwin.h

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