This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the character index of a line within this CRichEditCtrl object.

int LineIndex(
   int nLine = -1 
) const;



Contains the index value for the desired line in the text of the edit control, or contains –1. If nLine is –1, it specifies the current line, that is, the line that contains the caret.

The character index of the line specified in nLine or –1 if the specified line number is greater then the number of lines in the edit control.

The character index is the number of characters from the beginning of the rich edit control to the specified line.

For more information, see EM_LINEINDEX in the Platform SDK.

// The pointer to my rich edit control.
extern CRichEditCtrl* pmyRichEditCtrl;
// The string for replacing.
extern LPCTSTR lpszmyString;

int nBegin, nEnd;

// Replace the second line, if it exists, of the rich edit control
// with the text lpszmyString.
if ((nBegin=pmyRichEditCtrl->LineIndex(1)) != -1)
   nEnd = nBegin + pmyRichEditCtrl->LineLength(1); 
   pmyRichEditCtrl->SetSel(nBegin, nEnd);