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GetSetting Function

GetSetting Function

Returns a key setting value from an application's entry in the Windows registry.

Public Function GetSetting( _
   ByVal AppName As String, _
   ByVal Section As String, _
   ByVal Key As String, _
   Optional ByVal Default As String = "" _
) As String


Required. String expression containing the name of the application or project whose key setting is requested.
Required. String expression containing the name of the section in which the key setting is found.
Required. String expression containing the name of the key setting to return.
Optional. Expression containing the value to return if no value is set in the Key setting. If omitted, Default is assumed to be a zero-length string ("").


Exception type Error number Condition
ArgumentException 5 One or more arguments are not String expressions, or user is not logged in.


If any of the items named in the GetSetting arguments do not exist, GetSetting returns a value of Default.

GetSetting requires that a user be logged on since it operates under the HKEY_LOCAL_USER registry key, which is not active until a user logs on interactively.

Registry settings that are to be accessed from a non-interactive process (such as mtx.exe) should be stored under either the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ or the HKEY_USER\DEFAULT\Software registry keys.

GetSetting requires Read Registry Permission.


This example first uses the SaveSetting function to make entries in the Windows registry for the application specified as AppName, and then uses the GetSetting function to display one of the settings. Because the Default argument is specified, some value is guaranteed to be returned. Note that Section names can't be retrieved with GetSetting. Finally, the DeleteSetting function removes all the application's entries.

' Place some settings in the registry.
SaveSetting("MyApp", "Startup", "Top", "75")
SaveSetting("MyApp", "Startup", "Left", "50")
Console.WriteLine(GetSetting("MyApp", "Startup", "Left", "25"))

Smart Device Developer Notes

This function is not supported.


Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic

Module: Interaction

Assembly: Microsoft.Visual Basic .NET Runtime (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

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