This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setup Wizard

Allows you to add a deployment project to your solution and configure it to deploy your application. Projects created using this wizard will place the deployment files on your local computer for later distribution.

Note   The Setup Wizard is not available in the Standard Edition of Visual Basic .NET. For more information, see Visual Basic Standard Edition Features.

To access the Setup Wizard, on the File menu, point to Add Project, then click New Project. In the Add New Project dialog box, click the Setup and Deployment Projects node, and then click Setup Wizard.

Choose a project type
Specifies the type of deployment project that will be created. You can create a setup (Windows Installer) project for a Windows or Web application, create a merge module to be shared by other applications, or package files in a Cab file.
Choose project outputs to include
Specifies project outputs to be added to the deployment project. You can select one or more outputs from the list of all outputs available in the solution. When an output is selected, the Description field displays a description of that output.
Choose files to include
Specifies additional files to be included for deployment. Use the Add button to browse for additional files, or use the Remove button to remove files from the list.
Provides a summary of the options selected for the deployment project.

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