This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe

Visual Studio 2005

Visual SourceSafe was designed to facilitate and promote coordination in teams with members who often need to work on the same files at the same time. This section describes how you can maximize the team coordination potential of Visual SourceSafe. It contains topics that introduce team concepts and provide step-by-step instructions for performing team-related tasks, such as setting up a shared database and establishing shadow folders.

Most of the tasks described in this section are intended for the team manager, who should be designated as a database administrator. However, at the manager's discretion, the tasks can be performed by other team members who have appropriate Windows and Visual SourceSafe access permissions.

In This Section

Securing a Database

Introduces procedures for securing a shared database so that only database administrators be able to maintain the database.

Setting Database Options

Introduces mechanisms that you can use to set Visual SourceSafe database options.

Setting Up a Multi-platform Environment

Describes how to adjust the Srcsafe.ini and Ss.ini files to customize a multi-platform environment.

Designing Projects for Your Team

Presents guidelines that will help you in designing team projects.

Customizing Projects Using Initialization Variables

Provides guidance for customizing the database on a project-by-project basis.

How to: Add User Accounts

Provides procedures for adding user accounts for a database.

How to: Assign Project Rights

Defines Visual SourceSafe project rights and tells how to assign them to the users in the database user list.

How to: Change the Database Administrator's Password

Provides a procedure for changing your password from Visual SourceSafe Administrator.

How to: Create and Maintain Shadow Folders

Describes shadow folders and tells how to create and maintain shadow folders in a team environment.

How to: Customize File Types for the Team

Tells how to set specific file types for your team to use in various Visual SourceSafe dialog boxes.

How to: Delete a User from the Database User List

Provides procedures for deleting users from the database user list.

How to: Enable Automatic Logins for the Database

Describes how to enable automatic logins for all database users.

How to: Enable Keyword Expansion

Describes procedures for enabling the use of keyword expansion in text and HTML files.

How to: Enable Multiple Checkouts

Tells how to enable multiple checkouts for your team.

How to: Enable Web Projects

Describes the setup of your database to accommodate Web projects.

How to: Maintain Multiple Versions of a Project

Tells how to maintain several project versions using share, pin, and branch techniques or labels and label promotion.

How to: Make International Settings

Describes the setting of international options for distributed teams.

How to: Move a Database

Tells how to move a database from one location to another.

How to: Set Share Permissions for a Database

Describes the methods that you should use to set sharing permissions for the users of a database.

How to: Set the Time Zone for Your Database

Tells how to set the time zone to determine date/time stamps for the database.

How to: Set Up a Journal File to Audit User Activity

Defines a journal file, and tells you how to create one to monitor the activities of database users.

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Performing Basic Visual SourceSafe Tasks

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