_SAMPLES System Variable

Contains the path of the directory in which the Microsoft Visual FoxPro samples are installed.

_SAMPLES = cPath



Specifies the complete path to the directory containing the Visual FoxPro samples.

_SAMPLES specifies the path of the directory that contains the samples for Visual FoxPro. This path is usually the \Samples subdirectory in your Visual FoxPro root directory, which you can determine by using the HOME() function. If you do not install the Visual FoxPro samples, _SAMPLES still points to the \Samples subdirectory because it is the default location for installing samples.

The path that _SAMPLES contains is read from an MSDN registry key in the Windows Registry. If this registry key doesn't exist (for example, if you didn't install the samples), _SAMPLES contains the empty string.

You can also specify a path to the samples directory with the Samples Directory item in the File Locations tab of the Options dialog box. If you use the Options dialog box to specify a path to the samples directory, _SAMPLES contains the path you specify. If you choose Set As Default, the path is saved for subsequent Visual FoxPro sessions.

HOME(2) returns the path contained in _SAMPLES.

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