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Constructing Input Stream Objects


Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2015

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If you use only the cin object, you do not need to construct an input stream. You must construct an input stream if you use:

There are two ways to create an input file stream:

  • Use the void argument constructor, then call the open member function:
   ifstream myFile; // On the stack  

   ifstream* pmyFile = new ifstream; // On the heap  

  • Specify a filename and mode flags in the constructor invocation, thereby opening the file during the construction process:
   ifstream myFile("filename");

Input string stream constructors require the address of preallocated, preinitialized storage:

string s("123.45");

double amt;  
istringstream myString(s);

//istringstream myString("123.45") also works  
myString>> amt; // amt contains 123.45  

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