Compiler Error C3743

can only hook/unhook an entire interface when the 'layout_dependent' parameter of event_receiver is true

The __unhook function varies in the number of parameters that it takes based on the value passed to the layout_dependent parameter in the event_receiver class.

The following sample generates C3743:

// C3743.cpp
#include <atlbase.h>
#include <atlcom.h>
[object] __interface I { HRESULT f(); };

[event_receiver(com, layout_dependent=true), coclass]
struct R : I {
        HRESULT f() {
      return 0;
        R() {

   R(I* a) {
      __hook(I, a, &R::f);   // C3743
      // The following line resolves the error.
      // __hook(I, a);

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