CDBErrorInfo Class


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Provides support for OLE DB error processing using the OLE DB IErrorRecords interface.

class CDBErrorInfo  


GetAllErrorInfoReturns all error information contained in an error record.
GetBasicErrorInfoCalls IErrorRecords::GetBasicErrorInfo to return basic information about the specified error.
GetCustomErrorObjectCalls IErrorRecords::GetCustomErrorObject to return a pointer to an interface on a custom error object.
GetErrorInfoCalls IErrorRecords::GetErrorInfo to return an IErrorInfo interface pointer to the specified record.
GetErrorParametersCalls IErrorRecords::GetErrorParameters to return the error parameters.
GetErrorRecordsGets error records for the specified object.

This interface returns one or more error records to the user. Call CDBErrorInfo::GetErrorRecords first, to get a count of error records. Then call one of the access functions, such as CDBErrorInfo::GetAllErrorInfo, to retrieve error information for each record.

Header: atldbcli.h

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