This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Writes data from a buffer to the file associated with the CStdioFile object.

virtual void WriteString(
   LPCTSTR lpsz 



Specifies a pointer to a buffer containing a null-terminated text string.

The terminating null character ('\0') is not written to the file. Any newline character in lpsz is written to the file as a carriage return–linefeed pair.

WriteString throws an exception in response to several conditions, including the disk-full condition.

This is a text-oriented write function available to CStdioFile and its descendents, and to CArchive. CFile::Write is also available, but rather than terminating on a null character, it writes the requested number of bytes to the file.

// example for CStdioFile::WriteString
extern CStdioFile f;
char buf[] = "test string";

f.WriteString( buf );