This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate various data scenarios.

Custom Data Controls Sample

Demonstrates how to use your own controls with the Data Source window.

ComboBox Databinding Sample

Shows how to bind data to a ComboBox control.

Database Creation Sample

SQL statements are executed that create a database, a table, a stored procedure, and a view in code.

Data Search Sample

Demonstrates how to display a subset of data from within your database.

Data Validation Sample

Demonstrates the Dataset Designer and uses the PropertyChanged events to validate user input.

Local Data Sample

Demonstrates the client data features of Visual Studio, including the Data Sources window and typed TableAdapter and BindingSource objects.

Object Binding Sample

Demonstrates how you can bind controls to objects other than database components.

Occasionally Connected Data Sample

Demonstrates some of the occasionally connected data features that are available.

Serialization Sample

Demonstrates how to serialize and deserialize an object.

Stored Procedure Sample

Demonstrates how to programmatically create and use stored procedures with ADO.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

XMLDocument Class Sample

Shows how to use the XmlDocument class to manipulate XML data.

Creating Client Data Applications

Describes the tools available in Visual Studio to create database applications and to design and maintain databases.


Describes the .NET Framework objects commonly used in data applications.


Describes the class used to manipulate XML data.

BindingSource Component Sample

Demonstrates binding to Windows Forms controls.

Creating Client Data Applications

Introduces data-access programming in Visual Studio.

Visual Basic Application Samples

Demonstrates project, user, and assembly tasks.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

Demonstrates Windows Forms applications.

Visual Basic Language Samples

Demonstrates Visual Basic language concepts.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

Demonstrates applications that interact with components of the Windows operating system.

Visual Basic Security Samples

Demonstrates security tasks.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

Gives a complete list of Visual Basic samples.