Querying with Parameters

In many instances, it is useful to create a query that you can reuse many times in your applications with different input each time. In this section you will find information about how to create parameter queries for these general purposes.

Parameter Queries

Learn about general-purpose queries.

How to: Create Queries with Named Parameters

Specify names for the parameters in your query to help distinguish multiple parameters.

How to: Create Queries with Unnamed Parameters

Create a query using unnamed parameters.

How to: Specify Parameter Marker Characters

Mark a name as a parameter instead of a string of literal characters.

Reference (Visual Database Tools)

Provides links to general reference topics covering queries, operators, search conditions, specific DBMS requirements, user interface reference topics, and error message topics.

Performing Basic Operations with Queries

Provides links to topics covering the most common query tasks.

Specifying Search Criteria

Provides links to topics covering the various ways to search and how to search for what you want.

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