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Modify an Existing Sync Group

Updated: December 2, 2014


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To use SQL Data Sync (Preview) to synchronize your data across multiple databases you need to create a sync group which logically groups together two or more SQL databases. The topics in this section cover how to modify an existing sync group from the Azure management portal.

You access SQL Data Sync (Preview) via the SYNC tab under SQL Database at the Microsoft Azure Management portal. The SYNC tab is only available when you have one or more sync groups. See the topic How To: Create a Sync Group (SDS) for guidance on creating and modifying a sync group from this portal.


Topic Description

Update a Sync Group Schema

Update the sync group’s schema and add or remove tables and columns from your sync group.

Remove a Database from a Sync Group

Steps to remove a database from a sync group. Do not delete a database before you remove it from all the sync groups it belongs to.

Delete a Sync Group

Steps to delete a sync group and confirm that it was fully deleted. Do no delete any databases before you delete the sync group.

Manually Deprovision a Database

If a database fails to deprovision when you delete a sync group you need to manually deprovision it.

Cancel a Synchronization

Steps to cancel a synchronization if it is taking too long.

Change an Agent's Key

Steps to change an agent’s key on both the agent and with SQL Data Sync.

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